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Arch Linux + Nvidia + Suspend / Hibernation

2023-07-30 arch, linux, nvidia, suspend, hibernation

Since 6th version of Linux kernel, maybe earlier, users has problem with proprietary Nvidia video drivers when system go into suspend or hibernation mode. As a rule, users see booted system with black screen. There have a suspicion that the video card is not started after out from suspend or hibernation mode.

In the installation manual of Nvidia of Arch Linux Wiki the problem doesn't touch. Maybe the problem possible solve to configure Early loading of video card modules. I didn't try that option, because at first I found another working solution at openSUSE forum, where someone gave a hint about deactivated experimental video driver services. I think these services has been added as experimental and deactivated to solve the similar problems of some users only.

I have enabled three services, which I need: nvidia-suspend, nvidia-hibernate и nvidia-resume. If you install the video drivers from Arch Linux repository, then these services has already in your system and you just can enable them:

sudo systemctl enable nvidia-suspend
sudo systemctl enable nvidia-hibernate
sudo systemctl enable nvidia-resume

After this everything works as it should.